Spider Solitaire

Challenge awaits you in this spooky new Solitaire game: We've kept Spider true to its spirit, and crafted a magical experience with appealing visuals and a relaxing soundtrack.

Sudoku Zen

Play thousands of masterfully crafted sudoku grids, find the solution through logical thinking and best strategy, with no guessing required… just a lot of proverbial Zen patience.

Solitaire 7

We created Solitaire 7 because we believe it is time for classic games to catch up with the modern design principles introduced with iOS 7.


Our beautiful version of the classic solitaire game included with Windows. It is a hugely popular game that rewards planning and strategy.


Can you think of any better way to clear your head after a long day than by sitting down to play your favorite Solitaire classic card game?

2048 - A numbers game

Swipe anywhere on the grid to move all tiles at the same time. When two tiles with the same number touch each other, they will join and their values added together.

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